About Gabriel

Gabriel First Corp. began in 1964 as a building maintenance service contracting company, serving both large industrials as well as small commercial businesses in upstate New York.  The Zanche Brothers—Joe, a chemist, and Gabe, a business major—worked side-by-side providing their service to schools, nursing homes, hospitals, manufacturing plants, hotels, and restaurants.  The knowledge gained from their experiences is the cornerstone of today's Gabriel.

Gabriel is an Industrial/Commercial housekeeping and maintenance products supplier that provides technical support via video training, telephone/internet classroom, and one-on-one consultation.  Through its technology-based sales approach and full-line catalog distribution, Gabriel makes it easy to solve problems and place orders. Since Gabriel does not have a distributor sales network or on-the-road sales representatives, it provides considerable savings to its customers.

At Gabriel, we believe that "customer satisfaction ensures our success".  Whether it's quoting a price, dealing with a customer's  technical problem, or packaging an order at the warehouse, everything we do focuses on providing the best service possible.  It is our philosophy that customers are more than just business relationships - they are partnerships that enable us to help customers achieve maximum results at minimal cost.



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