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Video Procedures

The Art of Cleaning - World's Best Cleaning Library
A collection of education and training materials written and produced
by seasoned field-experienced professionals.  The TQH
Certified materials
will allow supervisors to conduct authoritative and successful training. 

Ultra Gloss "Wet Look" Floor Finish System - No Stripping Up to 10 Years or More
Stripping the old finish will be the fastest ever.  Ultra Gloss will remain crystal clear
for more years than you can imagine.  Its cleaning system will ensure dust-free burnishing
immaculate baseboards, and excellent slip resistance.

Deep-Cleaning Carpets - Tantum-1
One-Chemical Does It All - 13 Min

Greasy Floor Cleaning Video 10 Min
Hot Water Tricks You Into Thinking All Grease is Gone

Patching Concrete
Step-by-Step Preparation & Repair  - 13 Min

Concrete Crack Chasing

Written Procedures

Patching Concrete
Step-by-Step Preparation & Repair

Cleaning Up Blood and Vomit 

Informational Videos

Important Facts About Wet Mops 



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