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Soil is a substance found where it is not wanted.  Nature places microorganisms in soil to conduct the process of digesting soil and returning its nutrients back into the earth.  Some of the microorganisms can make living things sick and are therefore referred to as germs.  Living things have immune systems that keep the "microorganism/germ count" under control.  Buildings do not have immune systems to battle germs.  Therefore, it is imperative that building managers and custodians focus on minimizing the availability of germs by following residue-free cleaning practices.

The essays below identify a host of facility problems and then explain how to proceed in dealing with them.  We invite you to suggest a topic for a future article.  Send your comments to

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Metal Interlock Floor Finish
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When the Personal Injury Lawyers Show Up
Years of Manufacturer Misinformation Will Come Full Circle For The Big Bite

Trying To Remove Soil & Kill Germs Simultaneously Can Backfire
Disinfectant Detergents Are NOT Magic Germ Killers

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