Total Quality Maintenance

Sink Kote
Epoxy Resurfacing System
For Flat Surface of Bradley Terrazzo Wash Stations

Starter Kit No. 1300-73
Sink Kote Resurfacing Kit Contents

1 QT Fast 1-2-3
EFP Cold Water Detergent    SDS
1 QT Con Etch II Etching Solution  SDS
1 KT Tuf N Qik Epoxy (Part C & D) SDS
Lb. Cotton Wiping Cloths
1 PR Large Yellow Latex Gloves
1 EA Wire Brush
1 EA Brush Oil & Chip 2"
1 EA V-Notch Trowel
1 EA Paint Mixer for Drill
1 ST 7 Roller & Sleeve (solvent proof - short nap)
1 EA Procedural Training Video
- 1 Printed Procedure
- 1 Complete Set MSDS

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