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Flexible Joint Compound 2-Part Resilient Concrete Joint Filler


Product Description

Flexible Joint Compound is a urethane-epoxy blend with a separate catalyst that cures to become a resilient, well-bonded, seam filler for expansion joints or saw cuts.  The unique chemistry of marrying flexible strength urethane with impressively strong and well-bonding epoxy brings out the best of both product characteristics.  This product will accept top coatings.



Flexible Joint Compound has exceptional flexibility and adhesion qualities.  This product allows concrete slabs to remain independent of each other without the risk of loosing the lamination to either slab.  Sound adhesion prevents ugly and unsanitary soil from collecting inside seam openings.  Each product (Parts A & B) are differently colored to ensure proper mixing ratios.



Flexible Joint Compound may be used for expansion joints in general industry as well as on highways, bridge surfaces, airport runways, garage floors, and marine decks.  If you plan on using this product where there is an abundance of liquid acids and other liquid chemicals, we recommend that you test your chemicals on this product before proceeding.



Clean out the seam with a steel wire brush.  If grease or oil needs to be removed, consult with Gabriel to determine the proper cleaning agent and procedure.  It is important to mix this product well to prevent soft spots from developing… Primer is not required.  Insert sponge backer rod into seam opening and then pour mixed material into seam.



Solids By Weight… 100%
Color… Light Beige
Pot Life... Approx. 30 Minutes
Mix Ratio… 1-1 by volume
Application Temp… Above 55° F
Recommended Thickness… ½” to 1½”
VOC… 0 Lbs. Per Gallon
Flash Point… 200° F
Viscosity… Viscous Liquid
Kit Weight… 17.8 Lbs.
Cleanup… Xylol

Below Times Based on 77°F Slab Temperature

Dry Time… 6-8 Hours
Open to Foot Traffic:  16 Hrs.
Open to Heavy Traffic: 3 to 5 Days

Product No. 8142-6103
2 Gallon Kit
yields 60 to 70 linear feet in a seam of ½ inch by 1 inch.
     60 ft.= 360 cu. inches         70 ft.= 420 cu. inches

Product No. 8142-6104
10 Gallon Kit yields 300 to 350 linear feet in a seam of
½ inch by 1 inch.

     300 ft.= 1800 cu. inches        350 ft.= 2100 cu. inches


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