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Maxi Gloss I Spray Burnish Concentrate Floor Finish Gloss Restorer

Item Number: 1652-0301


Product Description

Maxi Gloss-1 is a concentrated, high quality spray buff which produces an instant “Wet Look” while removing scratches, scuffs, and black heel marks.  Available only by the gallon.



Maxi Gloss-1 is concentrated for best value; one gallon of concentrate makes 5 gallons of ready-to-use spray-on solution.  This product retains and actually improves the original slip-resistance of the Ultra Gloss floor finish.  It dramatically reduces the time it takes to restore a “Wet Look” shine.



In addition to being used to restore the “Wet Look” of Ultra Gloss floor finishes, this product will enhance the gloss, slip resistance, and general performance of most other floor finishes.



Dilute 1 part of this product with 4 parts of fresh water and shake or mix well.  Pour off enough mixed solution to fill a dispensing unit’s supply bottle.  Spray a small amount of product onto the floor while the electric burnishing machine is running using a natural fiber hogs hair pad.  This product is not required for restoring Ultra Gloss if the burnishing is being done with a propane or battery powered burnishing machine.  Continue the burnishing process until the mist dries and the desired luster is achieved.  Always wet mop or auto scrub a floor before beginning any spray burnishing process.  Burnishing a “dirty” floor may restore the shine but soil will be permanently layered into the floor finish film resulting in costly, premature “wax stripping”.




Active Ingredients… 8%
pH… 9.0
No Color
Solubility In Water… Complete
Mild Ammonical
Flash Point… None
Viscosity… Water Thin Liquid
Gallon Weight… 8.35 Lbs.



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