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Walls ‘N All Cold Water Bathroom & Shower Detergent

Item Numbers: 87012-A, 87012-A, 87055-A


Product Description

Walls ‘N All is an all purpose bathroom cleaner and deodorizer.  This product achieves excellent results when used to remove water spots and mineral deposits from glass and mirrors.  Once stainless steel or aluminum are rejuvenated by being scrubbed with Crème Cleanser, Walls ‘N All will render excellent film-free cleaning when used for routine upkeep.  Available in a case of 12 quarts, a case of 4 gallons, or a 55 gallon drum.



Walls ‘N All is the quickest acting detergent for removing hard water buildup, soap film, rust, urine, body oils, and general soils found in and around restrooms and showers.  Its viscous consistency allows it to cling to vertical surfaces to ensure easier and complete soil removal.  Walls ‘N All works best in cold water and it rinses completely with only a gentle flushing action.



Use Walls ’N All on any surface on which water may be used in cleaning; enamel, vitreous, porcelain, stainless steel, aluminum, ceramic, grout, shower curtains, and most fabrics.  This product will thoroughly and quickly clean high pH soils most generally found in restroom areas.



Walls ‘N All may be used in concentrate for removal of built-up soils on flat or vertical surfaces  or it may be diluted as desired to clean surfaces with normal amounts of soil.  This product may be applied from a quart bottle as a squeeze-on stream, from a trigger sprayer (in stream only), with a wash cloth, sponge, or wet mop.  For tough cleaning jobs, let the applied solution set for the necessary amount of time and then scrub or brush lightly.  Rinse with fresh cold water.  For toilets, introduce enough concentrate into bowl water to perform necessary cleaning.  Then, flush rinse.  For general wet mopping of alkaline soils, mix @ 2-3 ounces per gallon of cold water.




Active Ingredients… 49.3%
pH… 1.5 Concentrated
pH… 1.73 @ 6 oz. Per Gallon
pH… 1.85 @ 4 oz. Per Gallon
pH… 2.01 @ 2 oz. Per Gallon
pH… 2.23 @ 1 oz. Per Gallon
Color… Green
Solubility In Water… Complete
Odor… Mint
Flash Point… None
Viscosity… Heavy Consistency
Gallon Weight… 8.8 Lbs.



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