Total Quality Housekeeping® Systems Quick Reference Guide

Gabriel only offers products that will help you achieve a clean, beautiful, and sanitary facility for up to 50% less than your present costs.  We  formulate our chemicals to be as friendly to our ecology and air quality as cutting-edge technology allows us to be. 

The Gabriel Team works hard to impart the fact that minimizing the availability of soil needs to be everyone's supreme goal.  It is the "left behind" soil that chemical-resistant and potentially infection-causing germs live.  A truly clean facility serves in the best interest of its users.

We are forever working in the best interest of our customers and our world—a culture to which we are totally committed.

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Squeaky Clean... Always Art of Cleaning System
Deep-Down Cold Water Cleaning That Removes Soil, Germs, & Odors.
Crystal Clear for Years and Years Ultra Gloss ® "Wet Look" Floor Finish System
Gorgeous looking floors that are safe, crystal-clear, and at ˝ the cost.
100% Clean Carpet is My Choice Tantum-1 Carpet Cleaning System
Only One Chemical Needed to Totally Clean Carpets
Patching with Permanent Bond Con-Patch Epoxy Mortar
Permanently patch concrete — 3 Surface Temperature Formulas.
Apply Today - Play Tomorrow Court Mate One-Day Water-Based Wood Gym & Court Floor Urethane Finish
Easy Upkeep:  Wash with autoscrubber and propane or battery burnish for gloss restoration.
Stays Bonded when Applied Properly Premier Concrete Sealer and Gloss Restoration System
A quick and inexpensive way to seal concrete and/or restore the gloss to epoxies, urethane coatings, and paints.
Remove the "Removable" White Stuff Winter Rinse Snow and Ice Melter Remover
Eliminate the damaging film from ice and snow melters.

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