The Time Mist system automatically dispenses every 15 minutes. It is battery operated and each can lasts approximately 30 days. Inserts are sold in cases of 12 cans only.

Time Mist Automatic Fragrance Dispensing System:
Item Series: 3377-####
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Time Mist Aerosol Product Line:

3377-0603 Time Mist Battery Dispenser Beige

3377-0323 Purge Insecticide

3377-0303 Lemon/Lime Scent Odor Neutralizer
3377-0315 Spring Flowers
3377-0318 Pine
3377-0321 Orange Blossom
3377-0325 Lime Air Sanitizer
3377-0333 Baby Powder
3377-0336 Green Apple
3377-0341 Cherry
3377-0344 Pina Colada
3377-0348 Herbal Spring
3377-0350 Mango


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