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Winter Rinse Ice Melter Remover/Detergent Technical Bulletin

Item Numbers: 4546-0305, 4546-0355


Product Description

Winter Rinse is a 100% synthetic, modified amine condensate that removes the white alkaline residue/film from floors and carpets left behind by ice-melting chemicals.  Available in a case of a 5 gallon pail or a 55 gallon drum.



Winter Rinse removes the slippery film and leaves the surface clean and safe.  This product needs to be used only on the days following the use of ice-melting chemicals.



Winter Rinse may be used in place of your detergent for wet mopping, auto scrubbing, or carpet cleaning a light to medium amount of ice melter residue.  This product may also be used as a rinse-aid following a detergent cleaning.  For removal of heavy accumulations of ice-melter residue, detergent mop first and then follow by wet mopping with a Winter Rinse solution.



For routine winter use, add 1 ounce of Winter Rinse to each gallon of rinse water.  For rinsing following a detergent-cleaning of heavy accumulations, increase the mixing level to 2 ounces of Winter Rinse per gallon of water.




Active Ingredients… 10%
6.0 Concentrated
Color… Blue
Solubility In Water… Complete
Odor… Pleasant
Flash Point…
Exceeds 200º F
Thin Bodied Liquid
Gallon Weight… 8.5 Lbs.



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