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Premier Urethane Fortified Sealer/Finish Technical Bulletin

Item Numbers: 2255-0301, 2255-0305, 2255-0355


Product Description

Premier is a high-solids, urethane-fortified water-based acrylic dressing for use on concrete and other hard surface floors.  It produces an exceptionally hard and traffic-resistant coating film that resists scuffs, black marks from shoe heels and vehicular traffic.  Its performance rating is far above the most commonly sold concrete floor sealer/finishes.  Available by the gallon, a 5 gallon pail, or a 55 gallon drum.



Premier maintains its “Wet Look” gloss for a far-greater length of time than similar products.  This product is unmatched for its ability to wear longer than conventional concrete sealers and for its ability to resist yellowing and normal soil penetration.  On smooth concrete surfaces, Premier may be burnished using Gabriel Maxi Gloss-1 liquid spray buff solution using a conventional electric burnishers of 1500+ RPM with a natural hogs hair pad.  Battery or propane burnishing machines of 2500+ RPM do not require Maxi Gloss-1 and require a pad that is less aggressive than a natural hogs hair pad.  On surfaces not smooth enough to burnish, scrub and rinse floor well and, when dry, apply Premier in thin coat(s) on an as-needed basis.



Premier may be used in high traffic areas over concrete, sealed wood flooring, most hard tiles, urethane or epoxy seamless flooring, and stone; may be used on virtually any surface on which water may be used in cleaning.  This product performs remarkably well in warehousing, schools, super markets, hospitals, nursing homes, and Industry.



Apply 2 or 3 thin coats of this product with a finish mop or application machine.  Depending on porosity, per gallon first coat coverage is about 1,500 sq. ft.  Additional coats @ 1,800 to 2,000 sq. ft. Drying time is about 15 minutes.  Recoat time is about 1 hour.  If the floor is porous, extend the recoat time well beyond 1 hour.  Use of sealer under this product is not required.




Active Ingredients… 27%
Total Solids… 23%
pH… 9.0
Opaque - Off White
Solubility In Water… Mixes
Slightly Acrylic
Flash Point… None
Thin Liquid
Gallon Weight… 8.63 Lbs.



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