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Cleaning Contractor On Merits of Gabriel Detergents 
43 Seconds

Head Custodian Interview - 13 Years Without Having to Strip Floor Finish & Still Going Strong

Healthcare Director - Surprise of Quality Detergents 1 Min. 30 Sec.

 Fast-1-2-3 EFP Cold Water Detergent - From Skepticism to Amazement 1 Min.

 • Louisiana School About Ultra Gloss  1 Min. 25 Sec Info on Ultra Gloss

  College Dorm Manager About Fast-1-2-3  30 Seconds  Astonishing Performance

  West Virginia School About Ultra Gloss  45 Seconds  Info on Ultra Gloss

  Environmental Services Manager Discussing
Test Results with Gabriel Advisor  2 Min. 50 Sec.

 • Normal Instruction Conversation With Customer 2 Min. 35 Sec.

  Hospital... Ultra Gloss, Fast-1-2-3, & Saving Money  2 Min. 10 Sec.  Information

 • Hospital ES Manager About Ultra Gloss Standing Up to Betadine   37 Seconds

  Cleaning Contractor - Why He Uses Gabriel  42 Seconds

 • Gabriel Researcher Shares Development Strategy  1 Min. 35 Sec.

  Using Gabriel Helped Healthcare Facility Save An FTE  20 Seconds

  Tantum-1 Hailed by Carpet Cleaning Professional  49 Seconds  Info on Tantum-1

 • Membership Athletic Facility Talks About Cleaning  1 Min. 5 Sec.  Info on Cleaning

 • Director of Environmental Services Talks About Senior Floor Tech  15 Seconds

Customer On Why He Should Have First Attended TQH Webclass  1 Min. 10 Sec.

Internet Distance Learning Workshop Webcast

Attendees Sharing Their Thoughts About What They Learned

  Cleaning Contractor  11 Seconds

 • University Housing Manager  27 Seconds

 • University Custodial Manager 23 Seconds

 Audio Interviews Customers Sharing Success Stories
  School District Facilities Manager 
    — Gabriel High-Performance Chemicals & Staff Training Made It Happen
    — 8 Years and Still Not Having to Strip Gabriel Ultra Gloss Floor Finish
Cutting Labor & Material Costs Well Over 50% (and the Savings Continue) 

Written Comments

 • Western NY School Districts Comment

 • Georgia School District Comments 

Iowa Hospital

 • Kansas School District Superintendent

 • Customer Comments about MRSA scare #1

 • Customer Comments about MRSA scare #2

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